Why I Give To MCAP: Ralph McKinney

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Date: April 29, 2019

With MCAP’s 11th annual Run For The Hill Of It 5-mile USATF-certified race and family event coming up on July 27th in Fairmount Park, we took some time to talk with Ralph McKinney for our last Why I Give To MCAP blog post during National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Ralph, 74, has been Run(ning) For The Hill Of It for 30 years. Back when he started competing in the race, it was managed by McNally’s Tavern in Chestnut Hill and always benefitted one child in the community who needed the help. Under MCAP’s management since 2009, Run For The Hill Of It is an important fundraiser MCAP and supports our work with more than 500 child victims of abuse and neglect each year.   

Ralph, a resident of Wilmington, Delaware, competes in many races throughout the region, but Run For The Hill Of It is special to him. He loves the five mile distance: “For us 5-miles-a-day runners, it’s perfect!” He likes the unique location: “It’s the only race I know of that is completely inside the park. And I love Forbidden Drive – no cars!” 

Ralph also appreciates what he’s running for. “Fun, fitness, and good causes. That’s why I do it. And MCAP is a great cause” he says. Ralph helps to promote Run For The Hill Of It every year, distributing our brochures at other races across the region. If you’re a competitive runner, you may have already met him! 

If you would like to compete in Run For The Hill Of It – or bring the kids for the 1-mile fun run or to hug the Phillie Phantic, you can get more information on our website. Sponsorships are also available! That information is also found on our website, or you can get in touch with Heather Evans at MCAP at or 610-279-1219 if you are interested.  

And if you are intimidated by the name of the race, Ralph assures you: “there are no hills! It’s not flat as a pancake, but it’s named for Chestnut Hill, not the route!” 

Ralph and all of MCAP hope to see you at the race!  

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