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Why I Give To MCAP: Dwight Crawford

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Date: April 7, 2019

For our National Child Abuse Prevention Month campaign this April, we are taking some time to celebrate our donors. As a small nonprofit organization, MCAP simply could not do our work to end and prevent child abuse without them. For the remaining Mondays of April, we will hear from different types of donors – individuals, corporate sponsor, major donor – in their own words Why I Give To MCAP.

Our first featured donor is Dwight Crawford. Dwight is a sustaining donor, meaning he gives the same amount to MCAP each month all year. We could explain how sustaining gifts are a great way to support MCAP, but Dwight does an amazing job of that himself! Read on:

1. How did you first hear of MCAP?

A few years ago, I was running some 5k races with friends for charitable causes and MCAP happened to be hosting an event in Chestnut Hill (our annual Run For The Hill Of It race in July!). While we were unable to participate in the run at that time, I was very interested in learning more about the organization. The stories shared on your website were very moving and powerful examples of the need to support young persons in our judicial system to assure their interests are protected. It also is very important for these young persons to know they have an advocate looking out specifically for them. In my opinion, it is a very powerful tool to help them in their healing process.

2. What made you give your first donation to MCAP?

My first donation was inspired by two factors. The first was my own desire to see my charitable givings support my local community. The second was the mission and vision of MCAP is extremely inspiring. It is a very brave thing for an individual to speak candidly and openly, especially in a court room that can be intimidating to an adult, and even more so to a younger individual. I wanted to support this effort, and those of the numerous volunteers to help bring about a positive change for these individuals.

3. What made you want to give as a sustaining donor (giving once monthly)?

When I was assessing my charitable givings for 2019, I was thinking more broadly about what I can give and how best to support the organization. MCAP provides continuous to support to our community, and as such, the costs associated to support these young persons continues as individuals matriculate through the process. I wanted to assure MCAP can plan for its own sustainability. I believe providing recurring charitable donations is one way to help assure there is continued support through the year as needs arise for MCAP. This allows me to manage my own gift by spreading the cost through the year. One other aspect I would like to point out is the option for individuals to also request a matching contribution through their employer. This is an additional means to secure funding for a great cause that can provide significant support and benefit to these young persons.

All of us at MCAP are grateful to Dwight for his investment in MCAP’s work and the child victims we serve.

If you would like to join Dwight as a sustaining donor, please click here and when you are taken to Paypal, simply click “Make this a monthly donation” under the amount. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Heather Evans, MCAP’s Director of External Relations, at or 610-279-1219.

Whether you choose to give to MCAP as a sustaining donor or an annual donor, we thank you for your help. We need your support at all levels to keep fighting for the children in our community who need us.

Thank you!

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