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Timmy’s story

MCAP found solutions for this seven-year-old and his entire family.

Meet seven-year-old Timmy. As a shy, skinny young boy, Timmy was frightened of school as he just began Kindergarten which was his very first encounter at school. Sitting among eager and quick-minded four- and five-year-olds, he was educationally inferior, unable to recognize letters or numbers. He rarely participated as he did not know many answers; the kids teased him because he was much taller than them, lost his baby teeth and was somewhat uncoordinated. When the little fellow began to miss much school, truant officers were contacted. At a truancy hearing, the local judge asked that an MCAP child advocate be appointed to ensure the safety and well-being of the boy. Within less than two weeks, the MCAP discovered that the boy lacked medical and dental check-ups, his mother was a severe alcoholic, and his father was just trying to work and keep the family together.

Before he started school, Timmy’s typical day included breakfast with Dad and a full day of TV and videos while Mom slept on the couch. Dad would pack a lunch for Timmy to eat and a neighbor routinely checked on him at about 4PM. The MCAP learned that the family was “getting by†as best as it could; they needed help.

Once discovering the many problems, the MCAP’s goal was to find solutions for the entire family, especially little Timmy. Within six-months, the MCAP advocate obtained a consent agreement where the mother moved out of the family home and entered alcohol rehabilitation; the father was attending parenting classes. Additionally, the MCAP ensured that Timmy was up to date with all doctor and dental appointments. After enlisting help from the teacher and a special tutor, Timmy participated in an intense educational tutoring program to try and get him educationally up to speed. With the help of his MCAP advocate, the boy now resides in a safe, secure, and loving setting with the hope of a bright future. When asked about his favorite thing to do in school, Timmy smiles broadly and says, “Everything!â€

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