Susan and Teddy’s story

MCAP worked tirelessly to settle these orphans in a safe environment.

As a result of a domestic issue in the family that unexpectedly escalated, nine-year-old Susan and four-year-old Teddy became orphans. Sadly, their father killed their mother and then himself leaving them as orphans with no apparent family member to care for them. As orphans, they had no guardian, no insurance and no caretaker with whom they could live. The Judge and the Office of Children and Youth asked for an MCAP to be appointed to ensure that the kids were safe, cared for, receiving services and other issues relating to the role of guardian ad litem. An MCAP attorney was appointed, who immediately connected with Susan and Teddy as a trusted safe adult who was going to help them. The MCAP was able to “hang out” with the kids without reminding them of their loss. Over a period of time, the MCAP collaborated with the Child Protective Service agency, the Courts, the kids’ school, family members and therapists to ensure that the kids were placed with a trusted family member receiving crisis counseling. The MCAP also helped the kids join a support group for kids who have lost their parents due to domestic violence. The MCAP continues to work with the kids, the Child Protective Services, family and counselors and plans to remain in their lives until they are settled in a safe environment.

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We have used fictitious names and photos in order to keep the identities of the people we help strictly confidential.

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