Sandy’s story

After her family's abandonment, MCAP helped this 16-year-old face a monster in court.

Consider Sandy, a young 16-year-old girl, who had been repeatedly sexually abused by her father since she was 8-years-old. The torment began when the youngster’s smile consisted of a gummy toothless grin; it ended as she was studying to take the test for her driver’s permit. Imagine the ongoing agony that the young girl bravely faced during her formative years. Once Sandy told her friend of her father’s night-time antics, law enforcement was called. Recognizing that Sandy had no one to support her, the police asked for an MCAP to be appointed to help. Sadly, her family abandoned her after she made the report to authorities, so Sandy was placed in a foster home. Feeling like an outcast, Sandy began cutting herself, skipping school, and isolating herself. Sandy’s MCAP watched her pleas for help and sought help from the experts. Sandy was evaluated and found a therapist with whom she trusted. She began art and music therapy to help her cope with the years of abuse. At school, she slowly began to participate in extra-curricular activities and found a niche in photography.

After many months with the help of her MCAP attorney, Sandy faced the monster in court and testified about the years of abuse. Sandy’s father was convicted and sentenced for his crimes against her. Three years after the initial disclosure, Sandy is now thriving. She refuses to define herself as a victim; she is a superhero, a true survivor! Today, Sandy continues to heal by trusting and loving herself and others. Sandy is living with a foster mother who hopes to adopt her; she is excelling in school and looking at colleges. She is excited to someday be a kindergarten teacher.

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We have used fictitious names and photos in order to keep the identities of the people we help strictly confidential.

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