My Perspective on Working From Home (WFH)

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Date: June 9, 2020

by Pat Teaford, MCAP’s Program Coordinator

How could anyone have thought that we would be in the throws of a pandemic. And yet here we are, smack dab in the middle of uncertainty. Every aspect of our lives has been re-routed. Many little things we took for granted like going out to dinner, a movie or a sports event are, for now, memories. Simple gestures like a hug or handshake have become dangerous and being closer than 6 feet from someone is forbidden as it could possibly transmit a dangerous virus.

We are a resilient people and we will come out the other side. Life does go on and we will forge a new way to go about our lives until we are able to go back to our usual norm. Working remotely is one of those changes that many people have adapted to. It is not a new concept as many people have been working from home for years; but it is new to some. It is new to me. I am currently working remotely. I have not been in the office since March 12th.

As the project coordinator for MCAP, I have some administrative responsibilities which require my being in the office while other work can be done remotely. I love my home and I enjoy the time I spend here with my cat and dog, yep, I am one of those animal lovers. As for my home being a full- time office as well, my perspective is a bit mixed. I like being able to sleep in a little later – no commute. I do not have to do my hair and make-up. Being in the comfort of my home is nice. When I don’t have work that is pressing, I can take my dog, Bella for walks, SHE LOVES THAT! As far as getting my MCAP work done, I do all that I possibly can do at home with the same efficiency as being in the office. However, I really enjoy being in the office. I miss my MCAP family. I miss the lunches that we have together. I miss the work that can’t be done remotely, and I miss greeting our MCAP advocates that come to the office from time to time to drop off paperwork or just to say hi.

So, I would say that while working from home has some advantages, those advantages pale in comparison to being in the office with my MCAP family. I am happy to be able to do my work remotely during this trying time, but will be delighted when I am able to return to the office – even if it is only for a couple days a week for now.

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