Mission & History

What is MCAP’s mission?

Montgomery Child Advocacy Project’s (MCAP) mission is to end and prevent child abuse and neglect in Montgomery County through legal services, advocacy, and education.

What is an “MCAP”?

“MCAPs,” as they are known throughout Montgomery County, are professional attorneys who volunteer their time to advocate for child victims of abuse, neglect, and trafficking in the courts and social services agencies. MCAP (the organization) trains them to represent children in all the legal arenas in Montgomery County, and processes all of their background checks and clearances. MCAP then assigns them to cases referred to us by the District Attorney, the courts, the Public Defender, Mission Kids (forensic interviewer), or law enforcement.

While not a complete list, some of what MCAPs do for their child clients includes:

  • meeting with them
  • investigating their cases
  • attending court dates with them
  • explaining the process to them (as age appropriate)
  • presenting findings
  • representing their interests
  • making sure their voices are heard (in cases of pre-verbal infants/toddlers, we make sure that their “best interests” are represented)

We currently have 125 trained and dedicated volunteer attorney advocates on our roster who donate approximately 7,400 hours each year to the children we serve.

If you are a lawyer and want to be an MCAP, click here.

What else does MCAP (the organization) do?

Advocacy and education are critical components of MCAP’s mission. Through our work building partnerships and coalitions and delivering programs in our community, we are helping to increase awareness of the signs and symptoms of child abuse, and educating lawyers, law enforcement, parents, youth-serving professionals, and the general public on child abuse laws and resources available for families. Current programs:

  • Teaching dental professionals the signs and symptoms of child abuse and neglect in partnership with the Pennsylvania Dental Association
  • Civics classes with middle school students to teach them about our rights and responsibilities
  • Speaking engagements at schools and community organizations

How did MCAP start?

The catalyst for MCAP was an eight-year-old girl who had to testify on the stand about the sexual abuse she suffered from her mother’s boyfriend. Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy and Judge Risa Vetri Ferman, both prosecutors at the time, were in the court room and saw this young girl complete her testimony and then walk bravely past her abuser, her unsupportive mother, and a courtroom packed with strangers, and take her seat all alone. After years of witnessing this scenario over and over again, our pioneers decided that this would be the last time and MCAP was born.

Since our founding in 2004, MCAP child advocates have provided free legal services to more than 6,000 children in approximately 4,000 cases. While we strive to end child abuse via education and advocacy, with the opioid crisis, insufficient health and financial supports for families, and an uptick in child trafficking in Montgomery County, we know our work will continue.

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