MCAP Child Advocates give HOPE!

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Date: December 26, 2018

As you know, MCAP’s primary work is to provide child victims of abuse, neglect, and trafficking with their very own free, professional lawyer.

These lawyers – thoroughly trained and background-checked by MCAP – meet with and listen to their child clients, attend court dates with them, connect them with the services they need, and, above all, ensure that their voices are heard in the courts and social service agencies. Our lawyers – widely known as “MCAPs” – volunteer their time (8,626 hours in 2018 to be exact) to help these kids. And they all report that it is their most rewarding work. Read their own sentiments below:

“I have been a child advocate for Montgomery Child Advocacy Project for 12 years. It is by far the most rewarding work I will ever do as an attorney. Walking into court with a child who has to climb onto the witness stand and testify against their abuser is an incredibly anxiety-ridden experience. To have a jury find the abuser guilty, and to be able to tell that child that they were believed and the abuser is going to prison, is indescribable. These kids are heroes, and I am humbled by them daily. I am so thankful that I made that call back in April of 2006 to find out what MCAP was all about, and I am so proud to perform this work with my amazing colleagues and friends.”

 “There is nothing more rewarding than being able to tell a child – who is YOUR client – that you are there for them and only them. No matter what they have been through with Mom, Dad, Grandma, Mom’s boyfriend, Dad’s girlfriend, whomever it may be that has hurt them – you, as their MCAP, have no other agenda or purpose than to listen to this child, help this child, believe this child, protect this child and give this child a VOICE – in the Courts, in the process, and in the world.”

“The best thing about being an MCAP is helping a child see herself in a better life. Helping a child have hope.”

And isn’t that the most amazing gift of all – to give a child victim the gift of hope?

Making sure that our MCAPs are properly trained, background-checked, and supported every step of the way with their cases is no small feat. And our small but mighty staff of four does it all.

So when you’re making your end-of-year gifts this year, please remember MCAP – you can click HERE to make your secure gift online. Your support makes our life-saving work possible, and helps our MCAPs to give children the hope that they deserve.

Thank you and best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year!

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