Legal Operations Update with MCAP Senior Staff Attorney Sharon Hofer

COVID 19 has affected all of us, on so many levels. While there is light at the end of the tunnel, every day we learn of more children being harmed by family members. Families have struggled and continue to struggle during this pandemic. Unfortunately, the effect of the pandemic on our mental health will not subside as soon as life returns to “normal.”  

Over the past year the majority of our MCAP referrals have listed “mental health” as an issue, be it a parent, child, or both. Many of our MCAPs currently have cases where the child and their family need mental health services and/or follow-up, but don’t have the expertise to refer them to services. MCAP’s Director of Community Partnerships, Ingrid Parker, was brought on board to be a resource for our MCAPs. Ms. Parker is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Licensed Behavioral Specialist, and is an expert in childhood trauma. Since she was hired in December 2019, she has been an invaluable resource for our MCAPs when they have questions about mental health services for their child clients. If you are an MCAP, I encourage you to get in touch with her at  

Regarding MCAP cases and the state of the Courts, all Dependency cases and Termination of Parental Rights proceedings are still being held via Zoom, and will be for the foreseeable future. Protection from Abuse (PFA) cases are being held “live” at the Court House. 

We know the past year has been challenging. We truly appreciate our MCAPs for hanging in there with us and providing the child victims of abuse, neglect, and trafficking with the life-saving services they need. They are our heroes!  

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