Jack’s story

An MCAP Advocate gave this two-year-old a voice.

Two-year-old Jack was in need of someone to be his voice. After an investigation into a domestic violence incident, the police arrested his mother’s boyfriend for allegedly fracturing his leg while babysitting him. During the investigation, law enforcement discovered that little Jack had suffered from previous rib fractures and many bruises on his tiny frame. After arresting the boyfriend, the Court ordered Jack’s mother to keep her boyfriend away from Jack and referred the case to the Office of Children and Youth (OCY) for further evaluation. Once the boyfriend was arraigned, Jack’s mother loaded the little toddler into a taxi cab without a car seat and went to the jail to bail the boyfriend out. Upon arrival at the jail, Mother left Jack in the cab with only the driver (who she had never met previously) to go inside to post the bail.

OCY learned of this troubling incident and recognized that Jack needed an advocate. OCY called MCAP and we found Jack one of our attorney advocates to protect Jack and be his voice in and out of the courtroom. For over a period of about 2 years, the advocate worked with a foster family as well as mother to give Jack a safe, nurturing home. The advocate also ensured that Jack participate in play therapy and doctor’s visits to help him heal from the horrors he endured.

Mother’s boyfriend pled guilty and went to jail for hurting Jack. Unfortunately, Mom continued to support her boyfriend and failed to give Jack a safe home. The MCAP advocate represented Jack’s best interests throughout a hearing to terminate his mother’s parental rights while he was in the foster system. Fortunately for Jack, he was eventually adopted by his foster family who continues to provide a loving, nurturing, safe home for him. Today, Jack is a thriving five-year old who participates in soccer and loves his preschool teachers and buddies. He is excited to start kindergarten this fall.

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We have used fictitious names and photos in order to keep the identities of the people we help strictly confidential.

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