Will you help us help our community’s children?

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Date: April 3, 2020

Dear Friend of MCAP,   

Today we would have held MCAP’s 2nd annual MCAP Wear Blue on the Steps event for National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Last year more than a hundred of you stood with us on the Montgomery County Courthouse steps on a cold, rainy day to send a strong message that our community stands together against child abuse. While we cannot stand together today because of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, we ask that you still stand with us with your financial contribution.   

MCAP is a community organization. We help the children of our community escape abuse, neglect, and trafficking. We enable our community’s attorneys to put their legal skills to life-saving use. We share vital information on the detection and prevention of child abuse with various segments of our community (attorneys, law enforcement professionals, medical professionals, educators, parents and caregivers) in myriad ways (speaking engagements, educational workshops, family events, social media, etc.) The majority of our board and staff live and work in our community.   

In our March 31st blog post (click here to read) we shared information about how our community can help children who are at greater risk of abuse in our current lockdown situation – for some children, home is anything but safe. By encouraging you all to look out for children during the lockdown, the fact that our organization both supports and relies on our community has never been more clear.   

And our need for our community’s financial support has never been more dire. 

MCAP anticipates a sharp increase in child abuse during this time of isolation, closed schools, financial stress, and societal anxiety. We will need all of our resources to support them when our community returns to some semblance of normalcy. If you are able to give at this time, we hope we can count on your support. Donations of all amounts, whether $5 or $5,000, will help. You can either click here to be taken to our secure donation page, or you can mail your gift to us at MCAP at 409 Cherry Street, Norristown, PA 19401.

I wish good health and peace to you and your loved ones in the long days ahead of us. I hope we can see each other out in our community soon.   

Many thanks,  

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