Violence and neglect against children is a sad reality. It has become an epidemic in our country. All children deserve to be loved, nurtured and safe! MCAP’s goal is to ensure that kids will grow up in a safe home, free of fear and violence.

A woman sitting against a brick wall with her hands on her knees.

Sandy’s story

After her family's abandonment, MCAP helped this 16-year-old face a monster in court.

Consider Sandy, a young 16-year-old girl, who had been repeatedly sexually abused by her father since she was 8-years-old. The torment began when the youngster’s smile consisted of a gummy toothless grin; it ended as she was studying to take the test for her driver’s permit. Imagine the ongoing agony […]

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A boy and girl are looking at each other.

Susan and Teddy’s story

MCAP worked tirelessly to settle these orphans in a safe environment.

As a result of a domestic issue in the family that unexpectedly escalated, nine-year-old Susan and four-year-old Teddy became orphans. Sadly, their father killed their mother and then himself leaving them as orphans with no apparent family member to care for them. As orphans, they had no guardian, no insurance […]

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A young boy looking out of the window.

Timmy’s story

MCAP found solutions for this seven-year-old and his entire family.

Meet seven-year-old Timmy. As a shy, skinny young boy, Timmy was frightened of school as he just began Kindergarten which was his very first encounter at school. Sitting among eager and quick-minded four- and five-year-olds, he was educationally inferior, unable to recognize letters or numbers. He rarely participated as he […]

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We have used fictitious names and photos in order to keep the identities of the people we help strictly confidential.

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