Jack’s Story: From abused to thriving, thanks to MCAP and your support.

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Date: December 16, 2018

Thanks to your support, MCAP is helping kids like Jack* escape abuse. 

This story is about a two-year-old child abuse victim named Jack*. 

Jack’s story begins when the police were called for a domestic violence incident between his mother, Sue*, and her boyfriend, Fred*. During their investigation, police discovered that Fred had fractured Jack’s leg while babysitting him. Later at the hospital, doctors learned that Jack had several previous injuries, including rib fractures, also allegedly perpetrated by Fred.

The police arrested Fred, and naturally the Court ordered Sue to keep him away from Jack. The Court also referred Jack’s case to the Office of Children and Youth (OCY) for continued monitoring. When Fred was arraigned, Sue didn’t keep him away from Jack; instead, she loaded Jack into a taxi cab without a car seat and went to bail Fred out. She even left Jack in the cab unattended with the driver, whom she did not know.

At this point, OCY knew that Jack needed a child advocate and called MCAP. We immediately put one of our attorney advocates on the case to protect Jack, fight for his best interests, and be his voice in and out of the courtroom. For nearly two years, our MCAP advocate worked on Jack’s case. She helped Jack to find a safe, nurturing home with a foster family. She made sure Jack got the services he needed, including play therapy and regular doctor visits, to help him heal. She also tried to help Sue get the support she needed.

Fred pled guilty and was sentenced to jail. Unfortunately, Sue continued to support Fred and failed to meet her goals to provide safety and security to Jack. Continuing to represent Jack’s best interests, our MCAP advocate filed for the termination of Sue’s parental rights. Jack was adopted by his foster family, who had fallen in love with the little boy and wanted more than anything to give him the life he deserved.

Today, Jack is a happy six year old. He participates in soccer and loves his teachers, buddies, and especially his family. His life of abuse is behind him and he is living in a safe and nurturing environment where he is able to thrive.

Montgomery Child Advocacy Project has thousands of stories like Jack’s. Since 2004, we have helped more than 6,000 child victims to escape the horrors of abuse, neglect, and trafficking and find their ways to greater safety, security, and stability. We are the only organization in Montgomery County doing this life-saving work.

The generosity of people like YOU has helped make happy endings like Jack’s possible. If you have already made your gift to MCAP this year, we are truly grateful for your support. If you have not yet made your gift and would like to, please click here to be directed to a secure link on our website.

On behalf of our staff, our MCAP advocates, and the children we serve, thank you! Warm wishes for a joyous holiday season.

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